Web Design Wireframe

The website development is a complex process, it includes many phases. The first phase includes, Concept, Strategy & Wireframing. Creating online strategies is our expertise at BuzzMtl.

At BuzzMtl we take time to understand and discuss about client’s requirement, i.e. what type of website it is, if it is CMS based or product selling website. We care every expects of our clients.

When planning a website the first steps involve just a pen and a paper and convert the idea, requirement and the expected content on the parer, drawing  its structure will be our first concern.

The next step is wireframing the all things, Wireframes are small mockups of a page with a schematic representation of that page. This is a practical way  to draw your pages and what they look like. At BuzzMtl we draw each section with header and footer as per requirement of our clients. like where to put the navigation: you want it in the header or maybe in a sidebar?  where to place your text, your headings. At BuzzMtl we care and effort to understand your business to recommend solution that will give valuable response, in order to maximize your user base.

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