How To Boost Your Rankings By On Page SEO Techniques
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How To Boost Your Rankings By On Page SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization has changed a lot in recent years. Both On page and Off page optimization are important in SEO. Here are some points about Best On-Page SEO Techniques which you should implement on your blog to grow your website’s users traffic. On-page SEO plays the main role for you to target keyword. The On page SEO includes the use of proper heading, adding relevant keywords, relevant content etc. It is important to get higher visibility of your blog in search engine ranking.

Here are some on-page SEO techniques that you should consider in your strategy:

Blog Post TitleThis is the most important On-page SEO factor which really plays a big role in search engines. Use targeted and relevant keywords at the beginning of the title tag.

Post Permalink StructureA permalink is a specific web page of a search in the database. Search engine optimized URL include targeted keywords at the beginning of the blog post.

Heading TagsUse heading tags like h2, h3, and h4 etc to highlight different targeted keywords. The title tag is used as an h1 tag.

Keyword DensityYour  keyword density should not be very high keep it up to 3 percent only. You should be using your targeted keyword in the first paragraph and in the last paragraph.

Meta TagsYour  meta tag keywords should be unique and meta description related to each of your blog posts. You must use the targeted keyword in the meta description.

The addition of Images the basic step for SEO is Image optimization. Images help to drive a lot of traffic from image search. To get yourself to the top of search ranking you should use Descriptive Image with keywords in ALT tags, use proper Image title and image linking.

Content InterlinkingInterlinking with related posts gets you more traffic, it helps boost your rankings by making it easier for Google’s crawlers to access your pages.

Write Engaging ContentWrite engaging content relevant to the targeted keywords in your post. You should focus on Goal to create content that people will read and share, then Identify who your audience is.

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