Is the Logo Dying ?
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Is the Logo Dying ?

If you’re a designer, you may feel like The logo is dying, you may also have heard this recently or said it yourself in a jaded rant to uninterested friends or coworkers. It’s a notion that’s gaining traction. Those responsible for developing brand logos are starting to wonder if they matter as much as they used to be. There is a good reason logos have been static symbols or logotypes that were created by corporations regarded as the embodiment of their brands. Think of Saul Bass’ AT&T globe or Paul Rand’s IBM logotype. Logos back then played an enormous role. You could argue they were the brand.

Previously the Logos were the brand and identity, but in today’s world, logos are not brands. While they may still be a central element, they are part of a larger picture. Brands today are comprised of many unique identifying elements for example color, typography, graphic elements, photography, tone of voice, messaging, advertising, packaging, signage, retail design, sound design, jingles, mascots, catchphrases… the list goes on, coming together to tell a cohesive story and create a cohesive experience.

Maybe these day logos are no longer the entire brand, but logos are still playing a critical role in the brand’s visual identity. Even with all of the other elements, brands simply wouldn’t exist without some kind of logo to tie everything together.

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