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The Elements to Include in Front Page Web Design

The front page of a website is the most happening thing, designing a website does not only involve creativity, it also means knowing what’s essential and respecting it. There are some design elemental theories that you just cannot ignore while you sit down to design a website. You need to be sure that these elements are added to your website first. Your design should follow a pattern that you have set for it.  Make sure you know what are the elements and what is the pattern.

In order to design your website, make sure you know how to design your front page. After all that is the first thing that visitors will see, and that is how you create a lasting and happy first impression among your audiences. Here are some elements that should be a part of your front page.

  • Leave your Contact-

Make sure your front page leaves a sign of where to contact you in case they need to.

  • Relevant Images- 

Let’s say you are an e-store that sells some kind of furniture, or cakes. Your front page should have images that are relevant to what you are                     selling.

  • Workable Navigation-

It is always good to have a navigation menu on the top or the left end of your first page. You should make sure that the design includes a                          workable and absolutely fine navigation.

  • Email Signup-

You would find that call to action is what front page should include in most cases.

  • Collaborate with Social Media-

Always have social media links associated with your front page. This would define how you want people to interact with you, and know you                      more.

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