Creating iOS and Android Apps Slows Development
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Creating iOS and Android Apps Slows Development

Apps are essential thing that, the many of us use these apps on daily basis . The apps are doing a great job of directing us to focused content; a single source of the information we need on a single topic. As the market of smart devices increased , arguments that apps are a ‘web killer’ have increased. Developers have also flocked to native app development as they see the monetary rewards that a 
successful app can bring.But , are the native apps really the best platform for developer innovation or user experience?

The app ecosystem is considered as a closed market, which is dominated by a few key stores, such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store . That is why developers have had to build native apps for closed ecosystems. But the business model for closed systems – those designed for a specific hardware platform – are fundamentally flawed.  Apps have their place and often work better than the mobile versions of websites

But ultimately, the web is an open platform for innovation, for all. Unlike closed technologies, an app ecosystem based on the web will never die, or cease to be relevant. It’s true that apps can be useful. Rather than typing a long address into a web browser, you’re guided directly to the content you’re searching for. Because of this, some called the rise of the app the ‘dawn of the internet’ – one icon, one click and a slick interface appears.

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