Pixelmator Is Available for iPhone Now

Pixelmator Is Available for iPhone Now

Pixelmator is a complete photo editing, painting and layer-based graphic design app for your iDevices.  Previously it is available for other devices like iPad, Macbook , but now new super-powerful Pixelmator for iPhone is out now in the App Store.

Pixelmator is a universal app that is every bit as powerful as it is for iPad. It even comes with exactly the same magical Repair tool that is available for iPad — and it works just as amazingly on the iPhone. Pixelmator for iPhone brings not only all the powerful Pixelmator for iPad features to your iPhone, but also some cool new stuff such as Metal-powered Distort Tools and a new Clone tool (long anticipated by our iPad users). Pixelmator for iPhone is available on the App Store for $4.99 and it is a free download for those who already have an iPad version. Go ahead and download the world’s most powerful mobile image editing app and create amazing things using the new Pixelmator for iPhone.

The new Force Touch trackpad support is also here for you to play with. You can now paint with pressure sensitivity using a Force Touch trackpad on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. The force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying, and Pixelmator changes the size of your brush. It feels just like painting with a stylus.

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