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Essencial Branding Elements You Should Get From Your Website Designer

If you want to get your website designed and out into the world you literally depend upon your web designer. You may not even realize that some of their extra services such as purchasing and hosting your domain for you could seriously compromise your business in the future. So you have to ensure that you have total control of your brand, here are a few things you should consider before hiring a website designer for your Website:

Always register your own domain names:

Your domain is your business’s online address as well as your brand for your business and it should be on an account you own. If your website designer owns your domain and they go out of business, or you have some kind of problem you could be risking your domain.

Make sure you own your logo and graphics:

 It may seem obvious that of course you own your logo and graphics, after all you paid for the designer to create them! But it’s not always the case.

Always Get your logo in high resolution:

 If you can get it as a vector file that’s even better Sometimes this costs a little extra but it’s totally worth it.

Self-hosting is usually a good idea:

 Self-hosting almost all the time is good for your business.

Premium plugins on your website:

 If you pay for premium plugins specifically for your site then you may ask to purchase them yourself so you have the login information. That way you own the plugin and can get support yourself if needed.

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