You Are Responsible For Your Users Decisions
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You Are Responsible For Your Users Decisions

Nowadays enterprises are making apps to support the decision making of their users. Then the question arises, what responsibilities do the app developers have? Not just the developers, but anyone who is involved, from defining the concept, to requirements gathering, to final implementation. The app builders are in fact implicitly assuming some of the responsibility for other people’s decision making.

The app owner should ensure that people can reach the right conclusion from the facts they presented in the app.Two basic questions that arise here, is the given data accurate? and is the given data complete?  The user presumes that the answer to both these questions is YES.

The other issue is about analytics. Are the analytic methods valid and do the measures have an impact on the desired outcomes? Selecting the right method of analysis is very important, especially in applications that embed predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Finally, it comes to, how the information is presented, as it directly impacts the perception of the data and, therefore, the decision made from the visuals. It should be noted that users use apps to make decisions quickly. In many cases, they make decisions instantaneously based on what they see.

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