Where to Place Your Banner Ad
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Where to Place Your Banner Ad

Basically, when a visitor comes to your website consciously or subconsciously they do not pay any attention to the banner-like information displayed over the website, which is called banner blindness. this term states while reading website content how often the visitors ignore the surroundings that display ads.

Here are some tips that can minimize the banner blindness:

  • Standard Ad Placement, As per the banner blindness problem, the organic content seems to draw all the visibility. However, with the right placement of ads, you can make your ads as visible as marginal content and the traditionally placed ads.
  • The F-Pattern, an interesting study by Jakob Nielson shows that the leading pattern in which users read the content is identical to the letter ”F”. This means that readers first horizontally read the upper part of the content section and then proceed with the content placed down the page and then at last the user scan the left side of page. This observation was made after observing several user’s reading pattern.
  • Homepage Skin, Big budgeted sites often use ads that come with their homepage skin. Since these are like a reliable brand for them and so the site direct its visitors clearly to the ad while suggesting that the same is associated with the website. So, the advertisers manage to keep the visitors happy and entertained while creating an outgoing brand experience rather than making use of smaller distracting ads.
  • Welcome Pages, The Welcome page is where visitors come across the first navigation on a website. One thing we can do is to display a highlighted ad before taking them to the welcome page. This is what takes the website stand ahead of other standard ads that are placed alongside the website content.

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