Ecommerce Trends for a Profitable 2015

Ecommerce Trends for a Profitable 2015

About one-third of e-commerce sales is now happening on mobile devices

In 2014, one of the major outcomes was, ⅓ of eCommerce orders were coming from a mobile device rather than a computer. This is 23% higher than the last year, and just 12% when we started tracking this back in 2012. That means that in only 2 years, mobile’s contribution to total sales has increased by 175%.

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Social discovery commerce is on the boom

Increase in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fuelled by another trend: the rise of social-fuelled product discovery and effective social ad targeting. Facebook accounted for less than 5% of traffic to e-commerce sites on a desktop, that number jumps to 7% when looking at mobile phones. In comparison, search based traffic from Google represented 18% of traffic from computers, but just 12% on mobile phones.



But Facebook is not the only platform driving results for merchants. In fact, earlier this year we reported that certain industries were actually generating a significant amount of orders from secondary platforms.

Always-on shopping is now a reality

These days people are shopping anywhere and anytime that’s convenient for them. This could be on a desktop, on a smartphone, or in bed while on Facebook. This highlights how it is important for merchants to provide a flexible buying experience that adapts to their customers buying habits.


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