SEO Killers – Duplicate Content, Spam and Filler

SEO Killers – Duplicate Content, Spam and Filler

Writing content from SEO point of view is a tough job, to make it easy copy writer sprinkle in some keywords, rearrange them at random and watch the hit counter skyrocket, but sometimes SEO copy writers forget that this isn’t the case. When it comes to user or a reader, they read your text and expect something useful in return for the time they spent on your website.

We know that what is good content for SEO optimization , but it’s also vital to understand what it shouldn’t be.

Duplicate Content, Spam and Filler can sink a site and your site would not appear in google search. Even legally obtained duplicate content such as articles linked whole from news feeds and large blocks of attributed quotes can diminish site’s SEO value. Readers have no reason to visit a site that gives them other sites’ news verbatim. Page rank will decline over the time without having an original content. So try to create fresh and engaging content on the foundation of useful information whenever possible.

Search engines for example google search engine changes their algorithms regularly in an effort to provide their users with more relevant results. The state of SEO art changes with them. The only constant in web writing is its human audience. Pages that provide novel, appealing content in a reader-friendly format may found on the top of the rankings.

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