Free Websites For Creating Animated GIFs

Free Websites For Creating Animated GIFs

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), an image format that has been used by many websites and organizations to fulfill their purpose. The GIF format supports all platforms and used all over the internet by many users and mainly used to display images in HTML documents. It resolves overall purpose of all web users that allows us to preserve transparency. But creating GIF image is little bit costly , here is some solutions to creating GIF free of cost or in a very low budget.

  • GIFMaker.Me – This  is a useful  site for creating GIFs images, also other format images such as; GIF, JPG and PNG. Its scrolling pane canvas facilitates users to handle animated GIFs frame and create animated GIFs more efficiently, also facilitates a preview panel to preview the animated GIFs file before finalizing it.
  • MakeaGIF – This is also a very useful site for making GIF,  It enable you to choose multiple photos by simply holding the control or command key, also provides creative gallery of animated GIFs to create interesting images and service; YouTube to GIF, Webcam to GIF and Video to GIF.
  • Loogix – This is another useful site for making GIF .To use this site, you need to have minimum 3 image available with you to generate a GIF and maximum 10 images it can upload together to generate a GIF.
  • Picasion – Picasion works similarly like Loogix, but UI is different than Loogix. It permits users to upload photos from your hard disk, Flickr and Picasa web album, if you like.
  • Gickr  – Gickr also uploads minimum 3- images and maximum 10 – images to create animation GIF. It creates not only custom GIF sizes but also custom speeds (for up to 10 seconds) for your animated GIFs, works on photos uploaded from your system, Flickr and Picasa.

Others are:

To create quality GIF images, go to all above free websites as per your requirement and enjoy your stuffs.

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