Benefits of Using CSS Animation in Website Design

Benefits of Using CSS Animation in Website Design

When it comes to animation on the Website, Flash was the choice before but as it is depreciated now, we have much better option for this for example-JavaScript and CSS. Here we are considering CSS animation and its benefits. CSS became a very good option for animation.Since CSS3 evolved it also became an efficient tool which delivers exactly what you require or design for your Website.CSS is simply great for animations that include transformations and a responsive design. You can implement its code directly into your standard stylesheets. However CSS also have its limitations since not all SVG properties can be animated using CSS.  But this can be done via SMIL or JavaScript. CSS is an extremely useful tool when it comes to transition animations. The following points are the benefits of using CSS:

  • Simple animations can be created using CSS transitions that start as a result of triggering a CSS property change.

  • Each state of the transition is controlled by an existing CSS property value.

  • The Transitions animate between the start and end state.

  • The change in the transition is implicit. Thus the browser often determines the intermediate states when only the start and end states are defined.

  • CSS Transition is a very simple method of creating animations though it provides little or no control over it.

  • The CSS animation do not need a trigger and can run on their own. However if the need be they can be triggered as well.

  • CSS animations allow to create multiple key frames and the animations occur over it.

  • As soon as the animation property is applied, the animation will occur.

  • CSS animations change explicitly; hence all states are usually well defined.

  • Unlike transitions, the CSS animations are capable of changing the property value inside each key frame.

  • There are functions to delay the animations if required as well as a timing function to dictate how long the animation should last.

  • When it comes to browser support for CSS animations; it is extremely good with almost all browsers supporting it.

That sums up our beneficial points of using CSS Animation. In next post we will be discussing the best practices to apply while doing CSS animation.

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